Lilly is a character from MegaMan Battle Network 4. She is a priest on Scissor Island and is the NetOp of WindMan.EXE.

In the Eagle Tournament, she is Lan's opponent and visits him before their match starts. After a friendly conversation, she gets thirsty and drinks from the fourd around her neck. Unfortunately, it was filled with rice wine instead of water and she became intoxicated. Then she tried to cheat to win the match. First, she uses a virus in one of the robots and pretends to be attacked by it so Lan will come to save her and be deleted by the virus. Lan delete the virus. Later, she pushes Lan when he was leaving the park, making him drop his PET into the fountain. MegaMan.EXE was unharmed. Then Lilly unleashed WindMan.EXE on the Net with his full powers unleashed. When Lilly became sober she asked Lan's help to stop WindMan. Then the match starts and they go to the arena. However, Lilly takes another drink of wine before the match and becomes intoxicated again. She Netbattled with Lan drunk and lost. Afterwards, she sobers up again and after a farewell, Lilly goes back to Scissors Island.

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