MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge is a game in the MegaMan Battle Network series. It is the English port of Rockman EXE N1 Battle, a Japanese game released exclusively for the WonderSwan Color.

Release DatesEdit


  • Japan: August 8, 2003
  • North America: March 3, 2004
  • Europe: March 19, 2004

Story Edit

A new netbattling tournament has opened for the world. It is called the Battle Chip GP. Yai is sponsoring the event while the others enter it. Even Chaud enters the tournament, but only for official business. It turns out that there is some type of new organization behind the scenes of the tournament who will delete the winning NetNavi and take its data for themselves. Will Lan and friends be able to stop whoever is behind these threats?

Features Edit

This game utilizes a different battle system, in which you set up a "Program deck" of 12 chips and the game selects three chips at random from it and your Navi uses them consecutively, followed with their special attack. (If you are MegaMan you use the Charge Buster, and if you are GutsMan you will use the GutsHammer) Battles progress completely autonomously for upwards of five minutes while the player watches for results. Another interesting aspect is the ability to destroy your opponents Battlechips. Certain types of attacks not only do damage to your opponent, but to their ProgramDeck as well (each chip has a set amount of HP). You can win fights not only by utilizing power, but by deleting your opponents entire deck, making them unable to fight. The game's battle system is very close to the GameBoy Advance Yu-Gi-Oh! games, but with a much smaller deck of "cards" and no actual player-controlled game-play.

You can play as six different characters in this game including Lan and MegaMan, Dex and GutsMan, Mayl and Roll, and Chaud and ProtoMan. There are also two others: Kai and TurboMan and Mary and Ring ("Ring-chan" in the Japanese version, named for "Ring Man" from the classic series). The popular NetNavi Bass can also be unlockable for play.

There is also an "Open Battle" feature on the game that allows you to select a certain area with a set amount of consecutive battles to fight. Every fifth battle in one of these you receive a new Navi Chip to use as well as a variable amount of Zenny.

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